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 How green it's your hair service?

 After a few years of working as a "Holistic hair stylist”, every single day it is like a new day, full of challenging clients deciding between beauty or health.

We evaluate lifestyle, scalp and hair condition, skull bone structure and much complex personal aspects like hair addictions and image distortion disorders.

We acknowledge and embrace hair issues and put a seed of love an intention to it.

I suggest following the moon chart protocol for length, strength, root work, beautifying.

We regularly do clay, vitamin c, apple cider vinegar mixology for scalp & hair detox and very important hair nutrition

 with ecofriendly easy to read ingredient labels ,like coconut oil, Shea butters ,argan jojoba oil.





Trichology Care & Hair Growth

If you are having hair loss, thinning, alopecia, breakage, itchy, flaky, or tender scalp, then the best step will be a hair and scalp assessment Based on the Trichologist's findings,

 we will provide a digital observation with a camera scope x500, we can observe the scalp condition, hair density, regrowth and create a treatment plan that will be suited to help heal and improve you hair and scalp .During the consultation  you will be able to see everything on the computer monitor.Every client is able to learn at home treatment tips and techniques to use to follow their at home program .we are not providing medical advised but

if we determine you need one ,we will let you know.

The Way Scalp & Hair Treatment Should Be

Healthy, glowing hair begins at the scalp. 

The jet clear transdermal delivery system empowers nourishing and repairing treatment straight to the source, in the layers of the scalp skin. When standard hair and scalp treatments are not creating the results you want, restore your scalp with the pain-free, relaxing treatment of jet stream hydroporation, gentle and powerful to treat the sensitive skin of the scalp. clear jet stream provide a deep micro-massage to the scalp, boosting blood circulation to nourish the follicles. Scalp & Hair targets a range of common scalp and hair problems, thin hair, and dull, dry hair, with proven results for a lustrous, healthy hair glow



is a concept created by


Hair Holistic is how personalized services use to be, caring about people, dedicating the time for their concerns, and offering the best and latest techniques and products.

The beauty industry is changing but most of the companies trained employees to sell a product but they are not indeed knowledgeable about the ingredients.

Ibana has been taking some steps further, she is been pro active to research and educated herself on reading labels and trying to reduce toxicity the most possible without overruling the client individual priorities and expectations.

Dopo una ricerca approfondita, durata più di 5 anni, ibana  trovato alcune aziende che producono e formulano i suoi prodotti.

Ibana ha esaminato molto da vicino tutti gli ingredienti e ha valutato le prestazioni del prodotto nel salone di parrucchiere dove lavora con gioia.

Stava prendendo questo compito molto sul serio perché

Prodotti OLISTICI PER CAPELLI"BENESSERE OLISTICO" è  Rappresenta il suo nome professionale e dopo 30 anni di capelli disegnati e

lei è una colorista dei capelli; è orgogliosa di mantenere la sua integrità.

Anche nei suoi migliori sforzi,

è ancora preoccupata

come diventare completamente ecologico e attento all'ambiente.

La nostra squadra

Eco-friendly team


pelle e Specialista delle unghie 

 Ibana /Director​​

Master holistic stylist  & scalp specialist 


pelle e Specialista delle unghie 

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