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We at Hair Holistic strongly believe a consultation is key to a good color result and a happy client ,also reduce in a big percentage the amount of HAIR SERVICES  redo request . 

 Our policy ,it's to schedule all new clients a 30 minutes FACETIME complimentary consultation  before any service .

We also  keep records of  your service details to be able be consistent.

*The redo policy doesn’t cover a change in the style or color from the initially requested .As an example including but not limited if you change your mind on the side you part your hair , comparing or looking for an exact shades color or shapes from magazines pictures, etc

*A color redo adjustment it refers to an unexpected involuntary mistake or calculation by your stylist like :Foil bleeding ,stains, too little or too much exposure of color ,uneven color distributions ,placements of foils per area ( not included if the side part was discussed ), unwanted color hues(normally we perform an strand test before service to prevent it)

Too many foils or too closed ,too many lowlites as examples .

*A haircut adjustments referred to uneven sides, crocked bangs, not integrated layers,

Failed to blend front angles.

*Keratin redo if hair its un even result by visible areas

If you are not entirely satisfied with your color and cutting service please

* call us with in 48 hours and up to 7 days of the original service to schedule a complimentary redo

*A redo must be validated and evaluated by the manager and All guarantees will be determined by the stylist.

*Full service price applies after 30 days of service

*We do not offer refunds for any hair services

*If you cancel or reschedule your redo appoitment more than 2 times with in a period of 2 weeks for haircut and 3 weeks for color a Full service price applies .

*Hair Holistic will not be liable nor redo hair color that has been done outside of our salon. 

*Please allow us to style your hair after your service as the results are most accurately evaluated on properly finished hair. If you choose to leave the salon before the styling service is completed, you are relinquishing your rights to a redo service.

*Corrective color usually requires more than one service to achieve desired results. 

*Because of the nature of home-coloring products, we cannot guarantee color services if the client has previously had color done outside of our salon.

*The longevity of chemical services depend on each individual. Many factors play a part! The health of your hair, the texture, how often you wash it, the temperature of the water you use, whether you swim, your exposure to the elements, the quality of the water you have at your home, what minerals are present in it, and the products that you use in your hair. Certain services at Hair Holistic will not be guaranteed without the purchase of at-home maintenance products bought directly from us.

 It’s important to us that you have the appropriate hair care products at home for your hair regimens , If you are buying online there is not warranty the product is authentic ,avoid counterfeit product buying from authorized retailers .


We warranty our tape hair extensions installation up to 7 days

if any of the extensions slide off .

We can not warranty the installation service if you buy and bring your own hair .

The installation warranty DOES NOT cover the following: 

  • Defects from improper use of the product (Not using proper hair care, coloring, cutting the wefts, etc)

  • Be aware of the use of any heavy shampoos and conditioners ,oils, heat ,too much time soaking in water

  • Defects from personal attempts to alter the extensions in any way from its original form.

  • Excess use of heat and improper care of the extensions.

  • Certain colors will fade over time (all pastel colors, 99J, and certain red/silver colors). Fading on these colors will not be considered a man

Color application service

If HAIR HOLISTIC PERFORM your color application service ,we are not responsible for the result .we will follow product instructions only.

If you have questions or doubts regarding your color to be used you can book a consultation $35 for 30 minutes.

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