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Is our Hair studio organic?

We truly live our mission: to embody, promote, and facilitate a healthier planet, green living and sustainable


After a few years of working as a "holistic hair stylist" ,every single day it is like a new day ,

full of challenging clients deciding between beauty or health

and new horizons what to conquer on the beauty industry trying to be environmentally friendly.

Every hair show I go ,I found myself hopeless wondering around looking for green products to add to my holistic services ,and trust me ,they don't offer that much .

I am not surprise about the movement to become green ,most of hair salon are very Busy trying to show how green they are : they paint the walls green color with a low voc soy paint!

they are recycling ,reducing carbon foot prints, re using, trying to keep the best air indoor quality and much more.

They are concentrating on their branding and the concept but at the time of evaluating how green are their services ,the reality is that hair salons are loaded with chemicals every day.

Every body claims to be green but when you read the ingredients ,

it's just the color Of their bottles and false claims on the front label.

picture this ,you are sit down having a "green service" and at the same time many stylist 

are working around you with different products and not all of the are green ,you have not control!

Do you know how many hair dyes has gluten, nickel, chromium, and cobalt? Some symptoms are hypersensitivity reactions, dermatitis, and chronic rhinitis.

It took me a while to really find a definition for what it means to be a holistic hair stylist on a green salon.

how can i choose the service that will satisfy my clients ,fulfill their expectations and find happy?


Consultation it's a clue but at the same time you need to understand

your products cons and pro facts.

We evaluate life style, scalp and hair condition ,skull bone structure and much complex personal aspects like hair addictions and image distortion disorders.

We acknowledge and embrace hair issues and put a seed of love an intention to it.

I suggest following the moon chart protocol for length, strength ,root work, beautifying .

We regularly do clay, vitamin c ,apple cider vinegar mixology for scalp & hair detox and very important hair nutrition with eco friendly easy to read ingredient labels ,like coconut oil, Shea butters ,argan jojoba oil.

The trimming of the ends every 4 to 6 weeks are essential to maintain a healthy hair .

I educate my clients and how tho handle their hair ,especially curly hair clients have the tendency to manage hair as strait ,also teach them to use hair products .

How can reduce toxicity on your services?You need to be creative and willing to take the time ,every client it's a unique case, trying to do not touch scalp, reduce time exposure, do hennas color or simple get the courage to stand up to society have a nice hair cut and Go Gray !

Henna, indigo, Amla, buxus, cassia are amazing 100 % natural hair coloring plants, I do the traditional henna methods ,excellent gray coverage .

The good , it is the natural way ,the result are amazing shinny ,healthy ,earthy not chemical smell .

the bad it takes time to staining the hair from 1 hour to 3 hrs. average and it many cases colors are warmer .

The Client who decide for henna is choosing health ,and it's grateful about what henna and Nature offers.

Start practicing love and compassion every time you pick at yourself at the mirror ,Make a priority list or rearrange them.

Reach for help if you do not understand or you are prisoner of your hair .

Again your salon is going green ,but how green are their services?

How green is our studio?

 our  approach & intention is  to "Reduce toxicity" the most its possible

Generally our studio is about 75% holistic -25% conventional

Responding with honesty, I personally do not believe a hair salon could be 100% organic;

it is misleading.

On the salon service aspect if you read all the ingredients on products

 and analyze them you will be surprised,

Even the organic label products may contain a combination of ingredients including some chemicals.

I reduce toxicity, research, train and look at the alternatives;

I always choose the less invasive, damaging or toxic resource.

Generally clients choose services based on a need and result without 

knowing the long term side effects.

Beauty or Health? you choose!

many times health do not do together with beauty 

 you will  have to decide and adjust what is it what you really want...

Most of our products are manufactured by green, sustainable companies

who follow strict environment-friendly manufacturing.

Electrolyzed salt water cleaner

The power of electrolyzed water oxidizes dirt while the power of hypochlorous acid


Cold Sprayer Portable Fogger disinfectant 


fume extractor

ozone air purifier

Salon HVAC Carbon fume Filter

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